If you are a health-conscious person, then you may think that train food is junk for you. But nowadays, the concept of train food has changed and evolved a lot. If you are traveling by train to any part of India, then be clear that ordering food in train is not at all a pain. You can order any healthy food option of your choice for you and your family. These days, there are several options you can consider. Many train services provide onboard dining facilities, or if you don’t want to taste that, you can order food separately using any online train food delivery app.

Among many, Traveler Food is one of the best online food delivery apps that helps train passengers to order good and healthy food at very affordable rates. From them, you can order any healthy breakfast, dinner, or your choice.

Well, now, let’s share with you some ideas for healthy food you can order for your family trip.

Healthy food options for your train travel

Here it is, let us explore!

1) Fresh fruit and vegetable platter: If you are traveling by train in the summer, then having fresh fruits is the best option. You can eat any seasonal fruit, such as melons, citrus fruits, apples, bananas, and more. This will keep you hydrated and light, and it is one of the good snacks. Food for train journey and enjoying good food keeps you light and happy.

2) Sandwiches: You can order a veggie or egg sandwich for your breakfast. It is one of the healthier options and has good taste. Food in train is now becoming healthy and smart. You can look for whole wheat bread sandwiches; that is better than white bread. Kids love to enjoy sandwiches.

3) Parathas: For Indians, whether you stay in north India or South India, everyone loves to indulge in parathas. It can be cooked in less oil, give you a better taste, and be good for your health. You can look for vegetable-stuffed parathas, paneer parathas, plain parathas, and many more. Food in train is nowadays becoming better and healthier.

4) Smoothies or fruit juices: If you have access to a blender or can pre-order fresh smoothies or fruit juices, they can be a refreshing and nutritious option. Choose ones without added sugars or artificial ingredients.

5) Poha: This is one of the best Indian diet foods for kids as well as adults. Everyone loves and enjoys poha at breakfast. It is very light and filling. Poha is good for the gut and keeps you fresh on a train journey. So, you must try out Traveler Food's poha, as they deliver great poha to your train seat. One must try this dish.

6) Idle and dosa: Incredible love everyone has for idle and dosa. Everyone enjoys dosa and idle and why not as it is so light for health and good for digestion. Having dosa or idle on a train journey keeps you hydrated and also this is very easy to eat on the train. So, order for favourite food for train and keep enjoying your delicious food.

The key takeaways

Remember to order your food from Traveler Food, as they deliver food to your seat. You need to download their app or visit their website - www.travelerfood.com to order your healthy food. Or else, you can contact them at 7827998877 to place your order. However, we suggest you place your order with a well-known vendor. Food is our basic necessity to stay healthy and fit.

So, what are you waiting for, enjoy good food while enjoying beautiful landscapes.